Highlights from the Maine DoD Workshop (2005) on
Research Grant Opportunities

The DEPSCoR process: (Iterated by all three service reps)
Suggested Process:

1. Write out an abstract of your grant ideas after studying BAAs to make sure your research is DoD relevant.
2. Call Program Managers (PMs) to find interest (an almost invitation-level interest!)
This is by far the most important step!!!
5 minutes is all you will likely get.
Have written out what you are going to say.
Find PM who wants done what you propose.
PM's want bragging rights - so help them brag
3. Send a white paper for review.
4. If it is reviewed favorably, develop a proposal with that person as the listed DoD contact on the proposal cover sheet.

Additional comments:

DoD is mission oriented, so the proposal must match DoD needs.
Missile Defense Agency is the best opportunity because they always under spend (few proposals directed their way).
Same investigator can submit several proposals.
Industry involvement increases proposal competitiveness (list as consultants/evaluators)

Web Page Links for Locating Opportunities:

Federal Commons (www.cfda.gov) (note: has a search engine)
DoD Business Opportunities (www.DoDBusOpps.com)
Army Single Face to Industry (https://acquisition.army.mil/asfi/)
Fed Biz Opps (www.fedbizopps.gov)

Budget Suggestions:
Cost sharing can be anything that you could ultimately bill the government.

Comments by Army Representative (ARO)
Proposals should address what the soldier needs. In general, that means lighter, lower-powered, more-intelligent, smaller.

Agency BAAs are issued every 3-years) and Laboratory BAAs every year.
DEPSCoR should focus on 6.1 money, but may also address some 6.2.
6.1 is DoD terminology for basic research.
6.2 indicates applied research/development.
Rich Hammond (former NDSU Physics Chair) is new PM for Atomic and Molecular Physics.
Need to ask PM for feedback if unsuccessful (not automatic).
Sell PMs on the basic research, but proposal must have a mission hook (BAA hook).
There are Strategic Plans in each Division (just different versions of BAA).

New DEPSCoR rules:
Investigator teams are good. However, proposal needs to express an integrated approach or single theme.
Relevancy and focus to DOD mission is required!
Be specific in budget on how funds are used.

Comments by Navy Representative (ONR)
ONR allocates to DEPSCoR money to PMs according to general split stated in the BAA.

DEPSCoR has been very successful for Navy. Approximately:

60% of DEPSCoR awards are comparable to core awards in quality.
40% lead to follow-on non-DEPSCoR awards
40% addressed core issues.

For Navy, it is easier to cross 6.1-6.2lines than Army or AF.

Best time to submit to Long Range Basic Research (Core Programs) is April/May.

Comments by Air Force Representative (AFOSR)
AFOSR is 6.1

AFRL is 6.1, 6.2, 6.3

Other AF opportunities include: DURINT, DURIP, YIP, PECASE

AFOSR current interests are:


Comments by Defense Technical Intelligence Center Representative (DTIC®)
DTIC is a free librarian for EPSCoR researchers. Research reports are published by DTIC that are only available from the Center. DTIC is the central facility for the collection and dissemination of scientific and technical information for DoD. Much of this information is made available in the form of technical reports about completed research and research summaries of ongoing research. Researchers may register to use the service at: http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/

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