Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR)

Wind Power Blades (ND), Inc.STTAR student uses a controller to operate a group of robotic grinders. Cr: LM Wind Power Blades (ND), Inc.

The Students in Technology Transfer And Research (STTAR) program provides upper-division students ( i.e., juniors through graduate students) in science, engineering, and mathematics with an opportunity to use their academic training and experience to address the most challenging science and technology-based problems faced by North Dakota companies. Although related to the more general cooperative education and internship programs offered throughout the state, the primary emphasis of STTAR is on research and development rather than sales and marketing. ND EPSCoR cost-shares the student salary.

To apply for STTAR support, companies complete a brief form indicating how students will make a contribution to company performance, products, or processes using science and technology. Companies pay at least half of the students' salaries.

Request for Business Participation/PROGRAM INFORMATION Summer 2016


BUSINESS APPLICATION (Word Format) - Summer 2016

Businesses that have participated in STTAR

Company testimonials

Bowen at Lowry Engineering

Lowry Engineering STTAR student, Charles Bowen, provides company quality control

in civil engineering projects, gaining hands-on experience. Cr: Lowry Engineering.

Student Opportunities

STTAR positions are posted in the Career Center Offices on each of the North Dakota University System campuses. Students should contact their local office to register. If you currently are working for a company, but are not participating in the STTAR program, please ask your supervisor to contact Elizabeth Jung: or call 701.231.1048.